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Mma Fitness Challenges Everyday People To Get Into Fighting Shape

other They want to cut weight like a Max Workouts fighter. Full body workout Fitness lovers have always looked visit to combat sports such as boxing and kickboxing for a fast-paced cardio workout. But as MMAs fanbase grows, some boxing gyms are ceding time and space to the sport. These workouts are the latest example of the extreme fitness trend that has made Tabata, P90X and Insanity so popular. Its huge right now, said Dalton Outlaw, co-owner of Elements Boxing & Fitness in St. Paul, which recently expanded its offerings to include MMA training. So huge, in fact, that the UFC the sports premier fighting league has branded its own line of gyms specializing in MMA fitness. It has 96 locations nationwide and 85,000 members.
Full story: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/health/232394601.html

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