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Weight-loss Companies Charged With False Advertising

Sensa other The settlement is a pragmatic compromise which admits no wrongdoing by LeanSpa and Mr. Mizhen and spares them expensive, protracted litigation. Could they have had their day in court, they are confident they and their actions would have been wholly vindicated." The company's website, LeanSpa.com, appeared to be down Wednesday. L'Occitane sells beauty products and fragrances that are "inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle," according to the company's website. L'Occitane launched an advertising campaign in 2012 that claimed its Almond Beautiful Shape and Almond Shaping Delight skin creams could help consumers slim down. Commercials http://ichina.com/ichina_drupal/content/solo-questing-recommendations-electrical-power-leveling-planet-warcraft said Almond Beautiful Shape could "trim 1.3 inches in just 4 weeks" while Almond Shaping Delight would "visibly refine and reshape the silhouette." Seven ounces of the products sold for $48 and $44, respectively. "L'Occitane takes enormous care in developing our entire line of products and we want our customers to make well-informed decisions," the company said in a statement. "When the FTC raised concerns in April 2012 regarding the way research findings for Almond Beautiful Shape and Almond Shaping Delight were communicated, we immediately took steps to review our advertising and marketing processes, and cooperated fully with the FTC.
Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/08/health/weight-loss-companies-fraud/index.html

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